After a beautiful drive through Leicestershire I arrived in the city which housed Richard III in his last years before the Battle of Bosworth but appears mostly in Victorian architecture nowadays. As usual I had a few sights in mind I intended to see and spent the rest of the time wandering around aimlessly, enjoying myself.

On my list were The Guildhall, the Cathedral and the New Walk Museum and Art Gallery. All are within easy distance of one another and entry is free. Even though I only had about 2.5hrs in the city I managed to see what I wanted at leisure (and on foot), as well as strolling around and visiting charity and vintage shops (two new jumpers, yay).

The Guildhall is a 14th century building complex at its core, arranged around a courtyard and it is like stepping back in time. Besides the building and interior itself, there is a collection of archaeological objects illustrating medieval city life in Leicester.

After stopping at the Cathedral, the sunshine-flooded New Walk brought me to the Museum and Art Gallery which houses a neat collection of artworks and natural history objects. That pedestrian-only walk is flanked by houses dating back as far as the early 1800s.

The city centre is a gem - around every corner there are interesting buildings or picturesque scenes ranging from medieval to contemporary architecture, and the easy distances make Leicester a great destination for a day trip.