Epochs of Fashion x The Cornrow

For their 2022 art installation My Beautiful Twisted Georgian Fantasy at London's Museum of the Home I was invited to contribute an illustration. The art installation reimagined the Bedroom of Dido Belle, daughter of an enslaved African woman and a British Naval officer, who grew up on her father's manor Kenwood House. My illustration of two ladies wearing 1830s dress references traditional African textiles and the famous 18th century Creole composer Chevalier de Saint Georges.


The button below will take you to the The Cornrow shop home page. Please note that I earn commission on purchases made using the link below, and on all purchases made of my illustration which is for sale as an A4 or A3 art print.

Etsy-Shop - coming soon

Find me in late May on Etsy again as EpochsofFashion where I offer greeting cards and art prints of my illustrations, as well as handmade costume articles and sometimes antique jewellery from my own collection.