The Epochs

Anne Hyde, Duchess of York, wife of James II (flickr, picture by Lisby) Baroque fashion portrait
Anne Hyde, Duchess of York, wife of James II - Baroque (flickr, picture by Lisby)

In the early years of mankind clothing was first of all a protection against the rough environment. But despite the hard life of the first humans they soon found time and means to indulge more and more in adornments. Through the ages, countless ideas became fashion, numerous styles succeeded each other in being en vogue and many techniques were developed to create these looks. When studying the history of art and fashion, one often marvels at all the magnificent details and the creative heads and skillful hands behind them.


Each chapter begins with an introduction and is composed of a section of text each on Clothing, Accessories, Shoes, Beauty, Hair, Jewellery and Patterns. You can find additional photos of garments and paintings below the text of each epoch.

To read more about women who became icons and influenced the fashion of their time there is FASHION ICONS in History, featuring biographies and articles about such iconic persons as Lady Emma Hamilton and the creative cooperation of Marie Antoinette and her skillful tailor Rose Bertin.

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